Better living

through the meat

Since inception, Medan Frozen  Food has been the leading supplier of frozen meat products in Malaysia. We have a diversified portfolio of products, along with some of the world’s renowned food brands. We are deeply passionate about food and it is our desire to source the highest quality ingredients from all over the world for the end consumer.


Offering mainly imported meats from Australia and New Zealand, you can
rest assured that you’ll get nothing but the finest quality lamb and mutton
cuts right here at Unifrozen. Whether you’re in the market for juicy
loin chops, tender lamb shanks or lean mutton tenderloins,
we’ve got you covered.


Choose from a comprehensive selection of imported cuts, festive roasts,
specialty marinades and ready-to-grill meats to suit the occasion. For a taste
of the finer cuts, you’ll want to sample the award-winning Blackmore Wagyu for
their 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef, and  O’Connor’s internationally acclaimed
grain fed Black Angus Beef. If you prefer greater depth in flavour, you’re in
for a treat with our very own dry-aged premium quality beef.

Quality & Certification

Besides importing and distributing quality halal food from approved sources, Medan Frozen Food’s food manufacturing plants operating under Carey Food Services are already applying to be Halal JAKIM accredited.

Medan Frozen Food ensures that each product meets a defined set of product quality and standards of food safety. It is therefore our commitment to offer to customers the best quality produce that is evaluated and certified.

We believe that certification is the way to go, as such we’ve now enrolled for implementation of HACCP and ISO 22000 which should be completed by Q2 2018, July (Stage 1 completed, pending stage 2 in June).